My craftsmanship of everything I do shows my pride in my work. I have no insecurity about my quality or how well it’s made because I take the time, the patience, and the right products to make every piece of art worthy of my name. This is something my father taught me. He said, “If you’re going to put your name on it, the craftsmanship needs to be worthy of pride”.  I take my business very seriously and get emotional when my work doesn’t seem right. I usually start over and go slower and try again to correct the errors I was unhappy with the first time. Most jewelers just keep going and work to hide the error. At Henna’s Happy Hemp Jewelry, we wont even giveaway our products with mistakes. We disassemble them and start fresh.  That’s what makes us confident you will fall in love with our creations, whether it’s from our store or custom made just for you.  Be Bold, Be You.

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